What Does Your Metabolism Have To Do With Weight Loss?

Our metabolism is the process by which we convert food into energy. If we have a fast metabolism, then this process happens quickly and we tend to be lean. The typical weight gain that women experience as they age, is due to a slower metabolism. For some women, this process begins much earlier in life.

The Link Between Heat And Your Metabolism

The food we eat is broken down when our body works as intended. It turns into protein for our muscle cells and glucose for energy. Finally it releases the rest as heat. The optimum temperature for the proper functioning of our metabolism is 98.6°F. A lower body temperature could mean burning 300 to 400 fewer calories per day. Therefore, staying slim is very difficult for some of us.

This Is The Secret Behind The Figurella Bubble

The Bubble in which you workout measures 98.6°F to match the ideal fat burning environment. Your 30-minute workout using smooth, continuous movements is highly effective at releasing unnecessary fat reserves. The body warms up to an ideal temperature, therefore the metabolic and digestive enzymes are triggered into fat burning mode.

How Oxygen Detoxifies And Boosts Your Metabolism

Oxygen is essential for all living things. Our bodies absorb oxygen into our blood to nourish tissues in need. This makes sure that each cell produces the energy that we need. The oxygen molecules combine with our body’s enzymes to initiate many metabolic processes. Our health depends on how efficiently we absorb nutrients and remove toxins.

Why Most Of Us Don’t Get Enough Oxygen

We are typically deprived of oxygen which contributes to feeling tired, exposing ourselves to illness, and reducing our cellular energy production. In fact, 1931 Nobel prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg shows that the primary cause of cancer is directly related to oxygen-deprived cells. The right amount of oxygen helps to keep us healthy, energized and lean.

The Power Of The Figurella Oxygen Bath

At the end of your bubble workout and after a quick shower, you will sit for 15 minutes in a comfortable chamber that produces oxygen. Studies show that a strong blood circulation allows the proper quantity of oxygen in the body. Indeed, the Figurella Oxygen Bath supports circulation, skin tone and elasticity, and helps your body remove toxins.

Many of our clients tried numerous other forms of diets, exercise and weight loss plans that either didn’t work, or worked for a while but their weight went right back up, like a yo-yo. Contact us today to schedule a free evaluation and find out how the Figurella Method can change your lifestyle.