Figurella Method

The Figurella method produces significant metabolic acceleration, promotes weight loss and inches loss. The program is specifically designed for each client’s individual goals and it is a lifestyle. It entails a 30 minute workout, a detox bath followed by nutritional coaching and for faster results a full body lymphatic massage.

Every woman is different, in shape, size and needs and what distinguishes this method from all others is that it is created specifically for you. Indeed, a personal assistant is assigned to guide you through the program, ensure accuracy in movement and track your results.

Our client base ranges from teens, new Moms, bride to be, bikini season ready or anyone who wishes to age gracefully by permanently changing their habits for a healthier lifestyle.

The focus that we have is longevity and quality of life, indeed for all of the stages of a woman’s life Figurella produces positive results.

Bubble Workout...burn fat from the first minute!


The thermogenic bubble workout takes place in a controlled temperature space which maximizes your metabolic rate. It is a 30 minute full body workout that is equivalent of 1.5 hours at the gym. It uses resistance bands and very specific low impact movements to tone and shape. Every exercise is designed to target and tone a specific area of the body. With dedication and commitment our clients see results within two weeks.

Detox Oxygen Bath...boost your metabolism!

oxygen detox bath

Second, you will step into the spa detox bath and you will just sit and relax as increased oxygen levels allow for improved blood circulation, boosts metabolism for 72 hours and leaves the skin with a natural glow. Finally, by purifying the body, you will feel energized.

Nutrition a healthy lifestyle!

woman having healthy breakfast

We will also create a personalized nutritional plan that will assist you with your goals but remember, it is not a diet, it is a Lifestyle. No calorie counting or prepackaged meals. We will teach you to make healthy food choices to establish healthy habits in order to attain long lasting results.

Personal on one service!

Figurella’s unique experience are our personal assistants and their energy. Figurella is a truly unique place, run by women – for women. Unlike weight-loss centers or stereotypical gyms, Figurella provides you with a qualified, motivated and trained personal assistant. Their sole objective is to guide you, motivate you and ensure that you meet your goals.


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