CelluShape Lymphatic Treatment

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CelluShape is the perfect finish to your workout. This lymphatic treatment has a long list of benefits and apart from being blissfully relaxing, it helps your body detox. CelluShape complements the Figurella Method and it allows to reach the expected body goals faster. Finally it is a highly beneficial addition to a healthy Lifestyle.

Figurella USA is the exclusive provider of this innovative Italian technology.

One of our specialists operates this mechanical treatment on the entire body. Furthermore, it can be used as a facial treatment to work on wrinkles and aging effects.

CelluShape has several benefits that are listed below:

  • The several attachments available allow either body and facial treatments.
  • First of all the temporary reduction of the appearance of cellulite and relief of minor muscle aches, pains and spasms.
  • Also, the temporary improvement of local circulation and of lymphatic drainage in the treated areas.
  • Furthermore, the reduction of secondary lymphedema of the arm (SLA) post mastectomy.

The CelluShape experience is customizable and Figurella tailors the treatment to act on target areas. Therefore, anti-aging, skin elasticity and tissue improvement are our main goal.

In conclusion, Figurella commits to provide personalized assistance in every phase of your toning, weight loss and cellulite reduction journey and, you will receive specific guidance and training to reach your weight loss goals.

We are glad to answer all of your questions and to offer a FREE evaluation.

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