Our Method

Figurella produces a significant metabolic acceleration, promotes weight loss and slows the aging process*. A life-time “diet” is not necessary with our method and we will teach you how.

At Figurella USA, we believe that weight loss should be achieved through active means and not just by simply taking a pill to magically drop a few pounds. Get the figure you’ve always wanted by shaping your body using our natural techniques *.

The Figurella method will also ease the sudden impact of pre-menopause and menopause, which tends to slow down the metabolism *.

Bubble Workout

Your body begins burning fat within the first minute of a Figurella workout, due to the controlled temperature inside the Bubble*. For this reason, a 30-minute workout in the Bubble is equivalent to an hour and a half of a traditional workout. The Figurella method is time-saving and effective*. Your Figurella trainer will create a personalized work out especially for your needs and condition.


Spa Shell Oxygen Bath

The Oxygen Bath works to improve your body’s circulation and helps remove toxins*. Each treatment actively improves the texture and elasticity of your skin and continues to support the metabolism boost for 72 hours*.

Nutritional Counseling

We know that low-calorie nutrition slows down your metabolism. With Figurella’s nutritional plan you won’t need to count and cut calories. We promote a natural and healthy lifestyle to help you reach and maintain your goals without any drastic changes in diet. *


Advantages of using our specialized program

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    Long-term results *

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    Complementary Consultation

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    Customized Method

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    Helps inches-loss*

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    Simple and easy-to-maintain objectives*

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