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How long does it typically take for clients to start seeing results when participating in the Figurella program, and how does it compare to other weight-loss/fitness programs? Read more…

Chiara Migani discusses Figurella’s three step guaranteed weight loss method. Watch the video

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Losing weight sometimes involves starving and spending hours in the gym, but a new Italian weight loss program is putting an end to the suffering. They’ve come up with a new, easier way to shed those stubborn few pounds. It’s called a calzone, Shireen hopes. Read more…

Figurella en Telemundo. Gracias a Linda Candelo y Mari. Mira el video.

But until recently, I had never worked out in a heated plastic bubble before sitting in an oxygen tank with my head sticking out like a blonde Afro lollipop.

Meet Figurella, an Italian-based weight loss and fitness phenomenon with more than 500 locations worldwide…read more!

Click here to watch the interview with Chiara Migani on behalf of Figurella. NBC Channel 5.

Figurella USA at Acceso Total on Telemundo. Check this out