Figurella South Beach

on Collins Avenue and 7th Street

The hardest part is starting

We are glad to communicate that Figurella is now available in South Beach. Due to the high demand, we have finally opened a beautiful and central location in SoBe. The center is located on the third floor of the Lynmar building, right next to Victoria Secret.

The Method is intriguing and, as expected, it has an incredible success. Women understand the uniqueness of the system as soon as they get in our patented machines because it’s clear that burning fat has never been easier!

You will find a supportive environment, a science-based method and a very low impact physical activity ideal for women. Therefore, it will be easy to fall in love with Figurella!

The location opens from Monday through Friday and it works by appointment only. Parking for only $1 per hour is available on the multilevel on 7th street, just one minute from the location.

Most of our clients start their journey at Figurella with a complimentary consultation because, as you know, the hardest part is starting. Especially relevant, we organize private VIP sessions to allow you and your friends to enjoy a Fit-Spa day at Figurella. Call the 844-662-8941 for more information.

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figurella south beach