The Company History

With 35+ years experience and numerous locations worldwide, Figurella Fitness & Spa is an organic approach to women’s wellness. The company is growing rapidly in the United States, as well as in the rest of the world.

Figurella Company

Originating in Italy, the proven science based method targets inches and weight loss, toning, cellulite reduction and detox. In the three step method our clients boost their metabolism and establish long lasting guaranteed results.

Figurella is a professional and passionate organization that has helped millions of women around the world attain and maintain their desired weight and body shape.

Figurella pairs you with a Personal Assistant who is qualified, motivated and trained to guide you through your transformation.

We do not give clients a card with exercises to perform independently, or download a form to check their results. The Figurella Assistants work right alongside you, individually watching over you and acting as your biggest supporter from day one.

With over 200 centers in Italy, about 150 in South America and numerous in the rest of the world, Figurella is the largest company dedicated to the beauty and fitness of women.

Our patented pieces of equipment, the Bubble and the Oxygen Detox Bath are unique, but the most valuable assets are our Figurella Assistants: the reason of your success and commitment.